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About Grinn Living

Grinn Living is a home-organizing brand, that was founded in October 2020. The goal of starting Grinn Living was to give

your belongings, from bedrooms to the kitchen, a home of their own and keep them organized. We offer down to exactly

what you need, cause we want you to use our products for years to come.


Grinn is named after the Scotland language, which means, clean and tidy. To this name, our philosophy is to create
hygienic and well-organized environment for the community. We believe that organizing our home can make a huge
impact on physical or daily routines.


We use the best materials and certified:




Become the one stop solution for your home tidier and well-organized in Indonesia.



Provide the best quality products to keep your home well-organized and practical.
We guarantee customer satisfaction through our best service
And maintain to innovate our brand through create more products for our customers needs.



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