• Are the photos on the website real pictures?
    • Yes. Our Creative Team shoots and edits all photos on our website. You will receive the goods according to the photos and descriptions of each product.


  • Are of the prices offered negotiable?
    • We offer single and bulk prices on our website. Our bulk packages offered have already been discounted to give you the best value.


  • Do you provide local shipping only? What about international shipping?
    • We can only ship goods throughout Indonesia for now with expeditions of your choice available at check out. For international shipping please contact our customer service representatives for personal shipping quotes. We do not cover import / customer fees, this is not our responsibility


  • What about package delivery?
    • For every purchase, you are able to select expeditions of your choice - Instant Courier (GoSend), Next Day, Regular & Cargo according to your needs. Applicable for Jakarta - Tangerang area only.


  • Do you have provide a warranty?
    • Grinn Living provides warranty for goods that were damaged during shipments. However, buyer must provide us with "Video Unboxing" as soon as buyer receives the package. Replacement goods will be sent to buyer accordingly. All shipping costs will be covered by Grinn Living.


  • What if my package is lost during delivery?
    • In the event of package lost, Grinn Living will assist you to claim to the respective expeditions until the claim process is complete.


  • What if I receive a package that is not mine / does not match my order?
    • If there is an error in the delivery, we will replace the wrong items without additional cost.


  • What should I do if I have questions on the products I wish to buy?
    • You may reach our customer service representatives on our Whatsapp number: +6287775713565 and our customer service will be happy to answer all your enquiries.


  • Is my information safe while shopping on your website?
    • We guarantee the protection of customer's privacy policy on our website. Your credentials will be for internal use only and we will not disclose personal information to a third party.


  • What time is the delivery dateline?
    • Orders placed before 14:30 hours (WIB) will be dispatched on the same day. Orders received after 14:30 hours (WIB) will be dispatched on the next working day.


  • Can I exchange products after purchase?
    • Product exchange is possible, however, there are 3 conditions that you must fulfill in order to qualify for goods exchange:
      1. All shipping costs will be paid by buyer
        1. Shipping cost from buyer to Grinn Living
        2. Shipping cost from Grinn Living to buyer
      2. Goods must be in good condition (not defective) and worthy of sale. Grinn Living will perform Video Unboxing to check the condition of the goods and if the result is unsatisfactory, buyer will have to purchase the next goods
      3. Goods that buyer wishes to exchange must be equal to and/or higher than the value that buyer previously purchased.


  • Can I request for refund if I don't like the items that I purchased?
    • Refunds can be made under several conditions:
      1. You received goods that do not match your order. Grinn Living will cover all shipping costs. Goods returned must be in good condition (not defective) and worthy of sale. If goods are damaged / broken during shipment, Grinn Living will cover 50% of the goods' cost and shipment.
      2. Goods were damaged during shipping. To claim damaged goods, please provide us with "Video Unboxing". Grinn Living will cover all shipping costs. Grinn Living will not be able to provide refunds if buyer did not provide us with "Video Unboxing"
      3. Goods must be returned to Grinn Living no later than 48 hours after you received your goods. We do not accept replacements should you exceed the 48 hours period.
      4. We do not accept refunds other than the 3 points stated above.
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