Refund Policy

Customer may request for refund if you meet the following criteria:

  • You received goods that do not match your order
  • You received damaged goods

Refund Policies are as follows:

  1. Please contact our Customer Service (CS) representatives to request a refund while citing your Invoice Number, Item Name, Qty.
  2. Return confirmation must be received by CS within 24 hours you received your goods.
  3. Return confirmation can be done via SMS, WhatsApp or call us during Grinn Living working hours.
  4. Goods must be returned to Grinn Living Experience no later than 48 hours after you received your goods. We do not accept replacements should you exceed the 48 hours period.
  5. Grinn Living will cover all shipping costs. Goods returned must be in good condition (not defective) and worthy of sale. If goods are damaged / broken during shipment, Grinn Living will cover 50% of the goods' cost and shipment.
  6. Goods were damaged during shipping. To claim damaged goods, please provide us with "Video Unboxing". Grinn Living will cover all shipping costs. Grinn Living will not be able to provide refunds if buyer did not provide us with "Video Unboxing"
  7. You may reach our CS representatives: +62 877-7571-3565 - WhatsApp & SMS.
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